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This community is a meaningful useful social media website. This community is full of great things that doesn't waste your time and makes you have a good meaningful time. First of all, this community is build upon categories in different areas so that you can discover the posts by category in Categories page. And of course, you can subscribe to any category so that you can see all the posts of your subscriptions in the Home page. Second, you can follow people that you find interesting. You can see all the people you're following in the Followings page. Fourth, you can see your messages in the Messages page. Fifth, you can see all the trending posts of all categories in the Trending page. And finally, if you saved any post you see it in the Saved Posts page.

About Me

My name is Ibrahim Gamal, and I’m a .NET Developer raised in Egypt with over 6 years of experience but not on a specific technology. I love programming since I was young. I started learning when I was 14, I wanted to create a website for my Facebook page and I has no idea on what the programming is, actually I didn’t know that there’s something called programming. So, I started googling on how to build a website and one thing let to another and I found myself learning how to create a blog using Blogger. And when I created my first blog, I want to edit a lot of things in the template and make my website even better, so I started learning how to edit these templates using HTML and CSS and till then I had no idea what the programming is. Till I encountered with a Visual Basic course, I watched it with passion and I always wanted more. And when my 6 years older brother saw me building these apps, he introduced me to computer science area and told me that I can work in this area and become a developer. So, he made me even more passionate for learning, and when I grow up, I went to the college to major in Computer Science.


Contact Me

Phone: (+20) 01140723831
Email: himato.gamal120@outlook.com
Facebook: Hima Gamal
LinkedIn: Ibrahim Gamal